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Menstrosap Capsule

10 tabs


  • Natural remedy for period pain and cramps. The product, with a combination of sesame oil and castor oil as its base, has distinct action in the pelvic region.
  • Regulates endocrine function, and ensures health and patency of ovary and fallopian tubes.
  • Improves the quality of menstrual bleed, prevent clots and foul smell.
  • Facilitates smooth bowel function. Relieves nausea, migraine, low back ache, and breast soreness associated with menstrual periods.
  • Helps in relieving low back ache, whole-body edema and irritable bowel seen in peri-menopausal period.
    Cleanses, strengthens and tones the uterine tissue.


Only for in-house patients

Consult Dr. Sharma


Menstrosap is used for menstrual cramps and pain, headache, nausea, lowback ache, abdominal spasm, bowel dysfuntion, constipation, edema and breast soreness associated with menstrual periods. This is a boon to women who sufffer deblitating pain periodically on account of a very natural phenomenon.

An oil-based uterine tonic, Menstrosap stimulates and improves endocrine function. The soft gel form makes it easy to use and palatable. With specific action in the pelvic region, it strengthens and tones the uterine tissue.

Menstrosap is found to be effective in all kinds of discomfort associated with your monthly periods. Keep yourself period happy, the natural way.



10 tabs




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