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CO2 Laser

This is a form of ablative laser with excellent and quick results. We use DSN co2 and Lumenis Acupulse Co2 lasers for managing changes of ageing. Only 2-4 sessions done over 3-6 months help in a very long lasting result and improvement continues for 3-6 months after stopping the sessions as well. It can be combined with other external therapies. Caution should be taken to avoid sun strictly after the procedure for at least 7-10 days.

  • Time taken- 30-60 minutes
    For – ageing , wrinkles, sagging skin, and best for acne scars
  • Not for- Pigmentation prone skin, Sensitive red skin, Melasma, those exposed to lots of sun and scarring prone skin.
  • Caution for pigmentation chances

Dr. Aman Sharma

Consultant and Founder

Dr. Alpna Das Sharma

Co Founder

Dr. Vipul Nanda

Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Kaushal Kumar

Founder Samatva Foundation

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