Thread Lift

Thread Lifts are becoming increasingly common to enhance the outcome of non surgical face lifting, as an anti-ageing procedure, it is gaining more popularity as it is a simple,safe and minimally invasive procedure that can be done with local infiltrative anesthesia. Short healing time, reliable and long lasting effects and the possibility of combining with other aesthetic procedures such as Botox® , fillers, lasers, peels and liposuction are added advantages.


However, it should also be emphasized that threadlift is a relatively new procedure and due protocols should be followed.


It can be used for

Eyebrows- lifting and shaping

Cheekbone areas- lifting but no volumising

Marionette lines- lifting and getting rid of sagging and sad look

Mental areas- reshaping and creating the “V-shape jawline”

Submaxillary areas- improving facial contours

Scalp – Hair loss


Time taken 20-40 minutes depending on the number of areas to be treated.

Downtime- generally minimal with cannula based threads, but bruising and pain, slight swelling and discomfort expected to last ½ a day to 3 days. Rare unwanted and unexpected adverse events reports like with every other procedure.

Cost – 7000-25000 depending on the type of threads and number of threads used.

Dr. Aman Sharma

Consultant and Founder

Dr. Alpna Das Sharma

Co Founder

Dr. Vipul Nanda

Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Kaushal Kumar

Founder Samatva Foundation

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