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Body Contouring and Weight Balance

Body contouring and weight balance therapies go hand in glove, but need to be differentiated and well understood before embarking upon them. It is important to understand that some technologies that give a great body contouring and inch loss may not help you in managing weight and metabolic management. Weight balance will need a more comprehensive treatment approach, aimed at balancing the gut flora, live detox and hormone balance. 

Targeted US and Radiofrequency therapies are also known as energy device based therapies and quite rightly so as they have the potential of energising the skin from within. The collagen renewal is stimulated, the net result being firmer and brighter skin. 

There is definitive reversal of skin thinning, and laxity in 3-12 weeks post treatment depending on what parameters are chosen. 

Time taken to complete a full face and neck treatment is 60-90 minutes and one may not need multiple sessions, depending on your stage of problem.

The therapy is also used extensively for body laxity and body shaping there are different probes for the same.

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