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Nail Treatment

Nail Avulsion

Ingrown toenails and injured nails may be significantly debilitating and impact quality of life and restrict our movements. Nail avulsion is now done with a ring block anaesthesia technique and at Sparsh we go the extra mile to keep the process more comfortable by use of additional pain management techniques. Topical anaesthesia is one of the other few steps that we use.

The nail takes a few weeks to grow back, but normal mobility can be restored from the next day itself in most persons. Care should be taken to keep the area clean and simple dressing and management is usually enough.

Dressing can be removed on day 2 and managed at home too.

Incase of recurring ingrown nails, nail matrix removal can also be done. It is best to understand details of these from your dermatologist.

Nail peel and renewal

Smooth and shiny looking nails are indeed a sign of health. Rough nails and easy to break nails can be a bother but now with the nail renewal options some great results are very much achievable.

Conservative Nail Management

Many simple tips, tricks and time tested conservative management tools also go a long way in managing nail problems.


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