Vajikarana therapy

A traditional therapy regimen aimed at strengthening not only the reproductive organs and sexual health but it is aimed at a comprehensive rejuvenation of all body tissues right from our blood components to hormones, bones, joints and metabolic health. 

It is often misinterpreted and misunderstood as a therapy aimed at enhancing libido and carnal pleasure. There are no shortcuts for the same and it has made the process abused, misinterpreted and misguided and a taboo.

We must understand that it is a 

  1. Step wise process
  2. Rejuvenation of all body tissues
  3. Outcome is enhanced sexual vitality
  4. Anti aging benefits.
  5. Better digestion and assimilation
  6. Higher energy levels

Dr. Aman Sharma

Consultant and Founder

Dr. Alpna Das Sharma

Co Founder

Dr. Vipul Nanda

Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Kaushal Kumar

Founder Samatva Foundation

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