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"'SPARSH - Heal Thyself' brings a concept of dermatology to light that is just the perfect combination of modern and Ayurvedic medicine."

Dr Aman Sharma


Belonging to a family of physicians, Dr. Aman’s grandfather, Late Vaidya Netra Pal Shastri was a well-known Ayurvedic physician from Lahore University who since 1947 was one of the few licensed and qualified to practice ‘Rasayan Shastra’ form of Ayurvedic medicine in Delhi.

On the other hand, Dr. Aman’s parents, Dr. Ashok Sharma and Dr. Poonam Sharma set up their practice in the name of ‘Dr. Sharma’s Skin Clinic’ and combined their knowledge of medicinal herbs along with their western medicine degree from Maulana Azad Medical College and Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi. Having an experience of spending more than 3 decades in treating over 94000 patients.

Dr. Alpna’s parents, Late Dr. G. Das and Dr. Aruna Das, are distinguished doctors in their fields of urosurgery and hematology from the Royal College of Physicians, London.

About - Sparsh Skin Clinic
Dr. Aman Sharma

The foundation for the out-of-box concept for ‘SPARSH – Heal Thyself’ was laid out over a dinner conversation about modern and alternative medicine. Belonging to the third and second generations of a household full of healthcare professionals, for Dr. Aman Sharma and Dr. Alpna, the passion, commitment, and satisfaction of ‘serving humanity’ was inbred into them.

Dr. Aman got the best of both worlds, modern and alternative, and grew up listening intently to both sides of medicine at their vehement best.

Sparsh Clinic’s concept of Integrative Medicine was already existent in western countries, but it was still in its initial years. While working on his patients, Dr. Aman came across many situations where modern medicine was unable to provide a solution wherein alternative medicine came to the rescue and vice-e-versa. It has over the years become a forerunner in dermatology care in Delhi-NCR.

Core Values

About - Sparsh Skin Clinic
About - Sparsh Skin Clinic
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