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Chemical peels

The process of exfoliative cellular removal uses various ingredients like A.H.A’s from fruit acids, B.H.A’s and other agents like vitamin A analogues etc. These come in the form of potent & professional use serums , gels and other formulations. They are used for many skin problems like Acne,dullness of skin,Pigmentation problems and many  other problems like acne scars,stretch marks and as an anti aging treatment.

These are a good cost effective mode of treatment. It doesn’t take much time to get one done and also helps in making the skin barrier stronger.

It is one of the most commonly done procedures in dermatology and also generally very safe. Sometimes transient problems like flaking, dryness & irritation of skin may happen and are expected.

Depending on what ingredient mix is used, which your dermatologist decides, the duration to keep the mix on the skin will vary widely. It can be washed  off in 30 seconds or you may be advised to let it be on the skin for a few hours.

Average Cost  may be from 1500-10,000 per session depending on the type of therapy chosen and complexity of the process done.

Not just the face but many other areas of the body can benefit from this treatment like neck, back, arms, legs and even the nails.

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