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What is a medifacial? How is it different from regular facials?

Medi Facials are beyond compare, they are dermatologist designed and your skin physician will recommend something specific for you with professional, scientifically proven and mostly Natural origin active ingredients.

Are they very expensive?

In the long run they are cheaper and more effective than conventional saloon facials.

How long does it take to do one?

It takes 30-45 minutes max for a session

Is there a laser used in medifacial or IPL or photofacial used?

In some variants lasers or Photofacials are used. Most variants may be done without laser devices.

How often can I get them done?

Depending on the type of medifacial one can repeat between 10-30 days, we recommend you follow the doctor’s advice.

Is it safe and hygienic?
Since it is a skin physician prescribed procedure, extreme care and standard protocols are followed making it extremely safe, hygienic and effective.

Dr. Aman Sharma

Consultant and Founder

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Co Founder

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Plastic Surgeon

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