Excimer Lamp

This is one of the most comfortable therapies , also called targeted UV-B. It uses high intensity 311 nm wavelengths of light to treat vitiligo and help with recolourising. It acts by ways more than one, in reducing the number of overactive immune cells and inducing melanocytes to produce more colour, thereby helping in treating vitiligo.

This treatment is not only used in vitiligo but in many other conditions like psoriasis, alopecia areata.

First session usually starts with low intensity taking only a few seconds per area and then gradually uv light intensity is enhanced. One may need multiple visits for the same initially maybe 2-3 times per week then gradually a practically suitable regimen may be planned. Results usually can start from the 2nd or third session or may be delayed depending on the extent and severity of disease.
It is generally cost effective, and may have helped to prevent the use of strong systemic steroids and other immunosuppressives.

Dr. Aman Sharma

Consultant and Founder

Dr. Alpna Das Sharma

Co Founder

Dr. Vipul Nanda

Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Kaushal Kumar

Founder Samatva Foundation

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