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450 ml


  • Kumaryasavam from Sitaram Ayurveda.
  • KICKSTARTS A SLUGGISH METABOLISM: Kumari asava stimulates the ‘jatharagni’ and ‘dhatwagni’ which translates to good digestion and metabolism.
  • IMPROVES BLOOD HEME LEVELS: Instrumental in improving Hb levels. The formula contains elemental iron along with others having amla rasa (sour medium), which facilitates good uptake of iron from the gut.
  • RESTORES HORMONAL HEALTH IN WOMEN: Kumari asava is widely used for health in women.
  • PROMOTES WELL BEING: Helps with gut health.
  • Kumari asava also assists appetite.
  • Adult: 25-30 ml twice or thrice daily after food.
  • Child: 10-15 ml once or twice daily after food.
Only for in-house patients

Consult Dr. Sharma


The Sanskrit word ‘Kumari’ denotes a young lady in her prime. The herb Aloe vera, with its horde of phytoestrogens, is befittingly named ‘Kumari’. Kumaryasava is a classical formula advocated for woman’s reproductive health and hormonal balance. It endows the woman with youth and fecundity.
Asavas are mildly alcoholic preparations. The sweet taste makes it palatable to kids and adults alike. The alcohol base makes it quick-acting and efficient. Kumaryasava is a wholistic iron supplement that boosts respiratory health in individuals.



450 ml




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