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Organic Wellness

Heal Bowel Move

90 caps


Antioxidant properties in bowel movements treat gastric ulcers, aid digestion, and aid in diabetes
Helps in curing many digestive issues, relieves constipation
Helps to cause movement in the intestine and makes stool softer and easier to pass
Loaded with vitamins A, B and C and the presence of these multivitamins makes it a choice in digestive disorders
Treats many digestive issues due to the anti bacterial, anti fungal properties of enteric herbs

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Organic Wellness Bolle-Move contains organic vine leaf which is an astringent and helps in clearing mucus from the GI tract. In combination with organic chandrasoor, psyllium and haritaki, it helps: moisturize the intestinal mucosa, cleanse the colon through effective elimination Indications: Ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, dysentery.



90 caps




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