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Hyperpigmentation is a blanket condition that covers not only one area of the skin becoming darker but also freckles and melasma. The major cause of it is unprotected overexposure to the sun. It is are harmless and many over-the-counter creams and skin treatments are readily available to help cure the skin, but is it best advised to find pigmentation treatment in Delhi for supervised management of your skin.

Melasma on the other hand, like hyperpigmentation, is a condition that is characterized by darker patches of skin, but it is due to hormonal changes in the body. Treatment of Melasma demands more attention and a longer recovery duration as it is due to the raging hormones which need to be treated adeptly.

Alternative medicine suggests that pigmentation of any kind is caused primarily due to the vitiation of ‘Rakha Pitta’, the digestive fire element. The best dermatologist in Delhirecommend a combination of treatments including laser, steroids, yellow peels, sunblock, and hydroquinone creams.

The main motive is about getting the best treatment for pigmentation and melasma without having to go through the side effects of steroids or other chemically-infused lasers. Treatment creams and therapies aim at increasing cellular renewal and regeneration at an optimal rate so that blood flow improves. The best laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi is ClearLift which not only activates the skin cells but also helps in skin tightening and rejuvenation. Another such method is the medi-facial, a medical balance facial that has the right creams and gels to help revitalize the skin.

Finding a cost-effective treatment is more important for people now, and the pigmentation and melasma treatment costs in India are more pocket-friendly when doing micro-needling using a Dermapenwhich is also a safe and chemical-free method.

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To help cool the Rakha Pitta, having a well-balanced meal with an adequate intake of hydrating water and liquids is the best way forward, but nowadays, droplet infusion is a more trending and chic way of getting your vitamins and minerals. These are fed to the body through drips and saline.

If you have noticed dark patches or spots beginning to appear on your face or skin, then you should probably look for the best skin doctor near you. We at Sparsh Clinicalso offer integrative medicine solutions to help treat your pigmentation.

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