Why Acne Treatment in Adults and 30-40 Years Old?

Acne in adult

People often have an opinion that acne or pimples occur in the body only during a young age. However, this is not true. Unfortunately, zits, pimples, spots or acne do not develop only during teenage but during adulthood as well. Acne tends to affect the majority of people during different stages of their lives. For most of the people, acne occurs in their teen, however, dermatologists providing acne treatment in Delhi have also been noticing acne in more number of adults in the present time, especially in women. This acne can be very bothersome for women at that age as that may be a time when they are socially and career wise very active. Surprisingly with lifestyle issues emerging in cities like gurgaon, many dermatologists treating pimples in Gurgaon are increasingly addressing these issues to treat the root causes of acne in adults or adult acne.

According to the best dermatologists for acne treatment in Gurgaon, the adult acne tends to affect a great number of females than males and females who are 30 years of age are likely to develop adult acne in their skin. If the western societies are to look by, one-third of the total acne visits to the dermatologists are made by the women who are more than 25 years of age.

What causes adult acne?

Patterns of Acne treatment in Delhi says that there are many reasons that contribute to the problem of acne in adults. These reasons could be family history, stress, hormone, etc. In females, adult acne could develop because of the factors such as pregnancy, polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. The hormonal acne so caused is different from the adult acne as the former is more severe. The hormonal acne occurs on the areas such as chin, neck, and jawline of a person. Furthermore, adult acne is drier in nature.

Sometimes acne just appears at a particular time of the cycle and suddenly before periods acne may aggravate.

How to treat adult acne?

The good news is that a person can avail acne treatment in south delhi at multiple places and various other therapies, like alma clear skin and multi fruit acid chemical peels etc. in order to get rid of adult acne. Hormonal therapy is considered to be a common treatment option to treat adult acne. This therapy includes the administration of oral contraceptive pills to control the hormones that are believed to be triggering the acne. Apart from this, a number of topical therapies and treatments are also used to address and treat the problem of adult acne. These treatments include antibiotics, retinoids, and various other combination treatments.

There are MANY ALTERNATIVE, NATURAL and THERAPEUTIC YOGA BASED TREATMENTS AVAILABLE, for treatment of the root causes of adult acne. It is known that due to stress adults tend to indulge in unhealthy eating and there is concept of STRESS EATING and EMOTIONAL EATING, the therapeutic yoga based treatments tend to manage the problem of adult acne from such causes.

common Topical therapies for acne treatment in Delhi include the application of a range of creams and gels suggested by the dermatologist. These gels and creams are considered to be effective, however, if a person is a heavy user of makeup or cosmetic, the situation could be a little problematic.

some of The best doctors of acne treatment in gurgaon also suggest taking care of the diet and the lifestyle in order to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of adult acne in the people who are above 30 years of age. It is always advised to discuss the problem with the dermatologist and to find the best solution of the same. There are some integrative medicine and holistic acne treatment clinics in delhi which have an in house dietician for comprehensive management of adult pimples in a comprehensive manner.



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