Whitehead and comedonal acne treatment, should one remove black and whiteheads?

Whitehead acne

Comedonal acne is very common, however, sometimes a misunderstood kind of acne. Instead of inflamed pimples as well as pustules, this kind of acne causes blackheads or only skin coloured whiteheads, bumpy skin as well as non-inflamed blemishes. This kind of acne could range from mild to severe with the blemishes happening on to the larger areas of the skin. This kind of acne usually develops on to the face, neck, back, and chest of a person. Most commonly, comedonal acne takes place on to the forehead, chin or jawline of a person. Acne treatment in Delhi suggests that comedonal acne to be treated at once.

Causes of comedonal acne:

This kind of acne is very common in the preteen and teen years, however, it could also occur to anyone at any age. This acne could be a harbinger of inflammatory acne to come, however, it doesn’t always progress in order to form inflammatory acne. In most cases, this kind of acne tends to run in families. Comedonal acne treatment is also caused by the use of wrong cosmetic products on to the skin. Very oily cosmetics or cosmetics containing steroid compounds or steroid creams so commonly abused in south east asia region and in india may be an important cause. Dr Aman From Sparsh Heal thyself, a skin clinic in south delhi, says that many youngsters try to forcefully remove the whiteheads and comedones, which some times when not done scientifically tends to be counter productive and cause further flares within next few days of initial calm looking skin.

Treatment of comedonal acne:

Merely scrubbing or washing the face thrice a week is not going to treat comedonal acne. According to some dermatologists treating acne treatment in Delhi, say that scrubbing may actually aggravate blockages and milia in some patients. Also it is notable that both OTC as well as prescription work together in order to address and treat this kind of acne. OTC products such as low concentration, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are used to treat mild acne. At the same time, topical retinoids are also known to be a good treatment option for the treatment of this kind of acne.


Whiteheads are also known to be a form of acne which occur mostly on to the back, chest, face, neck, and shoulders of a person. This acne could lead to permanent scarring and hence call for a good treatment option by acne treatment in Delhi. Just like comedonal acne, whiteheads and acne can also occur to a person of any age.

Treatment of whiteheads:

According to acne treatment in Delhi, the treatment of this kind of acne usually involves prescribed medicines as well as OTC products. These products include the use of lotions, creams, gels, ointments, and soaps on to the skin. These products mainly comprise of the ingredients such as resorcinol, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur.

A person may experience mild side-effects such as the burning of the skin, irritation, and even redness. If the whiteheads develop into boils, a person needs to look for more intensive treatment options. The last resort treatment for this kind of acne is isotretinoin or Roaccutane.

There are simple and time tested methods like electro or radio fulguration for whiteheads, or some of the latest and very safe methods , with minimal downtime like Alma Clearskin for spot treatment for white and blackheads and even active acne.

Chemical peels are commonly employed technique across by some of the best skin doctors in Delhi, for treating this gradually. Mostly antibiotics are not recommended for the same.



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