Which laser to do for melasma treatment?


Melasma is a very common type of skin problem. People having this problem will find -brown patches of shades brown to gray, on the face in maximum cases. In maximum cases, we see the development near the cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin, forehead, or just above the upper lip. One can have them in other parts especially the one receiving maximum sun rays, like forearms as well as neck.


Laser therapy emerged out as one of the best result giving treatment for melasma when compared to common treatments with use of topical creams or chemical peels. There are multiple types of light and laser therapies which were tried and tested for the treating melasma. But before going ahead, we must also understand whether to use laser for melasma at all or not? Or in other words When not to use laser in which type of melasma .


Q-switched lasers

Q-switched lasers are capable to produce high-intensity beams having pulse durations for a very short time. The speed at which these Q-switched laser works is almost one million times more than that of Intense pulsed light another method of treating melasma. The Q-switched lasers which are used for the treatment of melanin are now available in different wavelengths. Low fluence or Subthermolytic Q-switched treatment is now gaining more popularity.

Q-switched lasers need a maximum number of treatment applications to see the visible effect of melasma treatment, The word of caution here is that too much q switched laser can cause serious skin damage and long term complications. So proper record maintenance and doing always under the supervision of dermatologist is important.

there are studies claiming that there is no such case reported which showed severe side effects like hypo- or hyperpigmentation in case of Q-switched lasers, Based on the research made by Hofbauer Parra et al. (2016) This laser therapy is so far the best for treating patients of Melasma. But adverse events do often occur in practical setting due to mismanagement or overzealous use or use in not the right type of skin. Also not all lasers are created equal, some brands and technologies are far superior to others.


To get a better outcome of the melasma treatment it is important that you get it done by one of the leading specialists of the industry. There are several skin clinics in Gurgaon which can offer you the best assistance in this regard.

There is a good population of people with melasma who actually don’t need any treatment. Melasma with time fades away slowly after you stop taking therapy for hormone replacement or pills for birth control.

If in case melasma developed during the period when you are pregnant, then chances are high that it will go away after a few months once you have your baby. If still after that melasma is showing no sign of fading then you can look for laser treatment or other light therapies.

It is advisable that you discuss your case in detail with your dermatologist before you plan for laser treatment for melasma.

At sparsh heal thyself we take care to explain and factor in that the melasma is not just skin deep , but we also factor in the alternative medicine theories that melasma is strongly related to emotional and some other types of stress, also melasma according to the Traditional system of indian medicine is considered to the a Type of Pitta i.e ranjak Pitta, originating from the toxins or Leaky gut theory of modern medicine. So We include alternative methods of treatment along with the best of modern technology and modern medicine.


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