Treat Under-Eye Hollows – Possible To Treat Non-Surgically?

under eye hollows

Words such as Restylane, Belotero, fat transfer and CO2 might not be in your everyday vocabulary, but you might have heard that all of them are excellent at addressing the problem of hollow eyes.

Hollow eyes take place when there’s a loss of fat because of aging, genetics or extreme loss of weight which leads the area around the eyes to look sunken, bony and hollow. This can make the wrinkles and dark shadows look prominent, which in turn will make you look fatigued and older than your age.

As eyes are essential to leave the best first impression, most people get distressed when they start to see the changes. However, there are various non-surgical methods that also help to treat under-eye hollows which will in turn help to rejuvenate the eye area and create a youthful and more rested experience.

Belotero can be the best solution to add volume back to the sensitive area around the eyes. This baggy eyelids treatment helps to offer subtle and natural-looking results with less swelling, no downtime, and immediate results . As the product is thin and light, it can be used closer to the surface than any other product without any discoloration. The effects of the treatment can last for about a year.

Restylane is another product of hyaluronic acid which is commonly known as a dermal filler. When it gets injected in the under-eye area, it makes the hollow look softer and smoother. The results last for 9-10 months . This is the best option to treat under-eye hollows for the people who are not ready for surgical treatments but who need improvement immediately. Both the products mentioned above are similar and both of them are effective and safe in the process of tear troughs.

CO2 laser resurfacing is another non-surgical method to get good results in creating more youthful-looking skin in the under eye area. This baggy eyelids treatment tend to improve the texture and skin tone and also make the skin around the eyes tight to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

There is another option of fat transfer which is actually quite affordable and cost-effective  and will give you results that can last for years to come.

Make sure to ask about these effective methods from the consulting physician if you are looking for non-surgical procedures.


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