When it comes to skin care and remedies to improve skin, we experiment a lot. There are many people who would not think twice before applying anything they have heard can make their skin glowing. However, knowing what is good for Healthy Skin is essential. Here in this article, we have mentioned the things that you should not put on your face. A safe skin care is important if you want a better face.


So let us begin:

  • We have all seen the commercials of petroleum jellies. Some of us have tried it on face as well, however we must know that petroleum jelly is harmful for face. It does help in making the skin look radiant and shining, but it is a thick layer and it lacks water. So when we apply it on face, it covers the pores and gives no space to breathe. It clogs the pores and can result in It lacks hydration and can be dangerous to the natural mechanism of skin hydration.
  • Some of us use the alcohol based products on face, like toners and astringents. Any cosmetic product with isopropyl alcohol has the tendency of drying skin. If you use it regularly, you can face irritation of skin and if your skin is sensitive you can even have inflammation and breakdown. If you want Healthy Skin, you must check the ingredients of the creams and lotions before you buy them.
  • People who suffer from Acne have at least tried or heard about applying toothpaste on the pimples. Most of the toothpastes have baking soda and astriclosan, it helps in drying the breakout. However, it gives irritation to skin and makes it dry. You can also get burning of skin if your skin is delicate. It is better not to use it on pimples. We have seen some very serious damage due to toothpaste on the skin.
  • Using lemon juice or vinegar is one of the most common home remedies for acne. The citric acid and acetic acid present in lemon and vinegar can be bad for the natural PH balance of the skin. It can give burning sensation in the Acne area and you should totally avoid it if your skin is sensitive. significant irritant dermatitis has happened to many due to such irrational and ignorant use of products
  • Never, use body lotions on your face. There is a difference in the skin type of body and face. Your face is far more sensitive than the rest of the body. A lotion that is good for Healthy Skin of your body cannot be equally good for your face. especially lotions containing paraffin will be occlusive and can cause breakouts on the face. Also, the preservatives in many moisturisers can cause an imbalance in the flora balance of healthy skin.
  • It is commonly seen many people use brands of steroid creams thinking it to be very begin and a quick fix for routine day to day skin problems , some commonly abused brands are like BetnovateTm and QuadridermTM, ValbetTM these should be used under supervision only.
  • “Home Made Natural srcubs” it may not be a good idea to use scrubs and irritate the skin , they are abrasive and everything natural may not be best for every individual. understand your skin and nature synergy better to choose wisely.

As word of Advice again , usually patients make the wrong choices out of desperation and in a hurry without a conscious and mindful understanding.

Let us not focus our attention on outside and focus on products but focus more on inside and focus more on awareness.

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