The ritual of dermaplaning treatment is relatively new concept but an extremely simple and very effective one at the same time.

As a skin physician with special interest in aesthetic dermatology at sparsh heal thyself, Dr shalini and all other associated doctors have always felt that it is in the most simple of solutions where ,lies the most effective treatment and therapies for almost everyone.

So let us understand what really is dermaplaning?

The basis of dermaplaning is the fact that the skin which is without imperfection and undulations at the microscopic level reflects the light more evenly and hence looks smooth, supple and well contoured. Also the fine vellus hair add to impairing the reflectance of the skin causing a duller look etc.

Dermaplaning helps make the skin more smooth and supple, making it instantly reflective and glowing. Not only does it add to glow but also can make the skin look appropriately brighter and a little lighter too, without using any skin lightening product or bleach which can cause harm to to skin. Ulike the harmful chemical use in bleach etc, dermaplaning does not use any chemicals and also acts as a little exfoliant of dead cells.

A little controlled and careful exfoliation regularly helps prevent the lines and wrinkles and also early signs of ageing.

The procedure may last only a few minutes to more than 30-40 minutes depending on technique and comfort of the physician. The procedure of dermaplaning at sparsh heal thy self is combined with some additional and safe steps like a medifacial to give our best possible result.

To summarise dermaplaning is amongst the safest procedures to enhance the skin glow and radiance instantly. It helps for sure and when done with caution and in the right frequency it helps to strengthen the skin barrier, all this without the use of any bleach, steroid and no other chemicals etc.


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