The contoured jawline treatment is one of the very prominent features of the face and can add contour and balance to the whole face. In the past decade this has received a lot of attention from the aesthetic medical fraternity towards enhancing and contouring and making the jawline look sharper and more defined. There were many ways even before that for jawline shaping but they were mostly surgical procedure and involved pain and recovery time.

In the recent past there have been many innovations, which have led to excellent results in jawline shape enhancement without surgery. There are many non surgical options now for treating the jawline.

The common problems for Women

The common problems for women include a Square or male look of the jaw, this can be easily tackled by injecting the masseter with botulinum. This is one of the safest and easiest procedures which can give excellent desirable results.

The other common problem is of laxity and sagging , for this the first step should be assessment, that is a proper evaluation by a trained aesthetic physician or dermatologist, and have a plan as to what will work the best as per the cause of laxity in the patient’s particular case. Remember each face and jawline is very unique and deserves a customised plan of treatment indeed.

A combination of methods to contour the jawline can be used like, Ultherapy or H.I.F.U, Threadlift, Fillers, these need to be done at the right place and right time for the right person, only then there will be the desired success.

The fillers have a lifting effect , but for a patient with a very “chubby” jawline, a thredlift with or without ultherapy will be a better option.

The common problems for men

For men a common problem is sagging jaw and jowls, for this there are cog threads now which can give a good lift. And when combined with fillers they can give a male look to a very thin jawline.

Some men desire a more chiseled jawline and square chin, this can all be done non surgically, with the use of appropriate hyaluronic acid fillers.

With all the advanced many of the jawline shaping procedures have become a lunchtime procedure, one can come get it done and get back to work.

Another wonderful addition which is also being used to treat the jawline is the Alma Rejuve technology for completely painless way of firming the jaw and neck area. This uses the clearlift technology in a few sessions it helps firm up the skin. There is no need for any numbing etc in this procedure.


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