One of the silent killers in our life is our stress and if we don’t work to control it then it can affect our whole body including our skin. Will you feel good if at a young age your skin starts showing sign of aging or roughness just because of stress? It is about managing the inside better for a better exterior self.  We cannot ignore the fact that stress is by default an indispensable part of life. What is important here is the way we handle it. Stress can be good and beneficial also both physically, mentally , and spiritually at all levels.

Stress actually causes a chemical reaction within our body which turns skin highly sensitive as well as reactive. It may be the case that you will find it harder to treat the skin problems you are facing. Stress is now proven in modern medicine also to increase problems like urticaria and autoimmune diseases.

Many of us fail to notice the fact that we react to simple things so badly when we are under stress.  This happens because stress reacts on our body and makes hormones like cortisol, which alters other hormones and ultimately encourages glands of our skin to make excess oil. Oily skin is prone to causing acne on our skin and other problems. Do you know what else stress can do on our skin? We keep so focused on removing excess oil from skin and treating it on the outside that we just forget to look for causes inside ourselves.

  • Stress turns existing skin problems worse: Stress can turn skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea worst. It may also develop hives and several types of other skin rashes and trigger up fever blisters. Most people visiting skin clinics in gurgaon for urticaria and dermatologists in gurgaon for skin allergies (new urban set ups), may forget to address the problems of underlying stress. Now There are a growing number of skin specialists near you who are looking at stress management at a priority.
  • Hamper daily skin care routine: When you are under stress you skip the daily skincare routine and that may aggravate the issues with your skin and turn it even more critical. According to Dr Alpna this is a typical reason to not taking medicines and applying them on proper time and causing non compliance of treatments.
  • Skin loses the glow and shine: Due to stress you mentally never feel good and that works against you and make your skin look dull. It lacks the glow it used to have some time back. The microcirculation is affected in the skin. When we talked to Dr Samriddhi Minhas she feels strongly about the emotional aspect of disease and encourages patients to address those causes also.

When you visit some skin clinic in south Delhi, the specialists over there will check your skin condition and try to find out the actual reason behind it. If it is found stress then very first instructions you will get from them is to control your stress. You need to meditate, exercise, eat healthy foods and mix up with more people to reduce down the stress level. There are various other ways which you can implement for stress reduction and your specialist can guide you well in this regard. We also recommend you to go for outings with family and friends on weekends as this will help to relax the mind and make you feel stress-free.

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