If you have noticed certain dark spots on your legs resembling small black dots, then you may have strawberry legs. This term refers to the presence of dotted or pitted appearance on to the legs which resemble the seeds and skin of a strawberry. A number of women have “strawberry legs”. This problem is caused as a result of Inflammatory changes around thick hair follicles. This happens when hair follicles or enlarged pores  contain a trapped mixture of bacteria, oil, and dead skin. When such a hair follicle or pore is exposed to air after the process of shaving your legs, it gets darkened, thereby causing strawberry legs. This may also be the result of ingrown hair, post waxing. 

According to the dermatologist dealing with laser hair removal in Gurgaon, home remedies for strawberry legs could work, but these are never going to give permanent relief to the state of your legs. Thus, resorting to  clinical procedures in order to treat strawberry legs is the best option. Various clinical treatments and procedures are used to treat the strawberry legs, thereby helping you get rid of their presence for the long term. 

The dermatologist performing laser hair removal in Gurgaon has suggested the following clinical procedures to treat the problem of strawberry legs: 


  • Electrolysis: 


Electrolysis for strawberry legs is a treatment option which comprises of the low levels of electricity which help to pinpoint the irritated or problematic hair follicles. This procedure helps to prevent the ingrown hairs from recurring on to the skin, thereby helping you get rid of strawberry legs. 


  • Chemical peels: 


Chemical peels are considered to be an effective way using which you can treat the problem of strawberry legs. These peels include glycolic acid as well as salicylic acid which offer a combined effect of reducing the size of the pore, evening out the tone of your skin, and finally removing the surface layer of the dead skin cells. Chemical peels are also considered to be an effective option that helps to improve the circulation within the skin and can help to ward off the pores from getting clogged. 


  • Laser hair removal: 


According to our experts doing laser hair removal in Gurgaon, it is considered to be the best treatment for strawberry legs. This procedure makes the use of the pulses of concentrated light that helps to destroy the hair follicles present beneath the surface of the skin. Laser treatment happens to cause a permanent reduction in hair growth. Typically, you require three to eight sessions in order to get rid of the unwanted hairs and strawberry legs permanently. Within the first few sessions, (even if someone does not want to go all the way), the problem of pseudofolliculitis may be sorted for good.

Sparsh skin Clinic at khan market offers an extensive treatment of strawberry legs using all the three procedures. Fix your appointment at the earliest and get rid of strawberry legs and other skin issues permanently. 


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