Taking health supplements has become quite common these days. There are many people we know who depend upon the supplements for their supply of Vitamin Supplements, fiber and other nutrition.  However, taking supplements have many bad effects on your health.

Our health complications are rising because of the lifestyle changes and diet we follow. We all have some deficiencies that we try to overcome with the help of various Vitamin Supplements. Popping up pills is not a solution to tackle the health related issues. We must try to overcome the deficiencies with natural supplements of nutrition. The health supplements are not healthy for your well being.

By having a balanced diet we can combat the deficiencies. There are multiple studies that show taking multivitamins has nothing to do with boosting your health. In fact there are many side effects of these multi vitamins.

Here in this article we will tell you the reasons you should stop buying these health supplements.

So let us begin:

  • Beta carotene is an antioxidant which is rich in vitamin A. It is found in abundance in vegetables including carrot and sweet potatoes. It is also present in the medicines that patients of vision issues take. Having Beta Carotene as Vitamin Supplements is harmful as it can trigger cardiac issues.
  • We believe that taking the supplements of fish oil capsules can provide our body with rich omega 3 and fatty acids. However it is one of the worst Vitamin Supplements. It is not going to improve health because in reality fish oil is not very high in omega 3.
  • Some people purchase the Vitamin E capsules to make their skin look radiant and better. It is also believed that taking Vitamin E supplement can defy the signs of ageing. The truth is it can put you to the risk of cancer. You must stop taking the vitamin E capsules and try food which is good in it naturally.  Also people put the vitamin E capsules on the skin, the form of Vitamin E for oral and external use is different and should be kept that way.
  • Taking medicines and Vitamin Supplements for sexual enhancement is also quite common these days. This is more or a “psychological scam” and you must keep yourself away from it. It has many side effects including allergies. In Alternative medicine if the general health is holistically well and body is rejuvenated then the result is sexual wellness and higher libido. There are no Shortcuts to this concept of not only Ayurveda but also TCM. We must understand and not fall for the trap of such sexual wellness supplements, at least not without supervision.
  • We have seen many of our family members and friends taking muscle builders. People who go to gym are most likely to see these muscle builders. If you take the help of a well known nutritionist or dietician, you will be shocked to know the side effects of these muscle builders. Balanced diet and good workout is enough to get the body shape and type you desire. There are many caffeine based supplements and others like whey and casein based supplements which may have long term and slow damaging effects of the gut and the Ph of the G.I system.  

Also ultimately we can’t replace a good diet with the processed and synthetic supplements. so we must take care to use the supplements judiciously and under the supervision of a good and experienced doctor.

There are many safe natural food supplements available for many specific individual health needs. But let us Please not use supplements for Preventive maintenance of Our bodies and make choices which are driven mostly by either irrational or misplaced propaganda based fears.


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