When it comes to skin tightening there is much enthusiasm over the topic and as much ambiguity , even amongst doctors it is difficult to find those to agree about a regimen and are on the same page with each other.

There are many options, but most of the application options for skin tightening don’t work well, if at all.

The predominant options for skin tightening non surgically and facelifting non surgically have been like

1) THERMAGE —SINGLE SESSION , but painful, minimal or hardly any risk of further skin atrophy or further sagging happening and no downtime, but results appear after 2-3 months and stay as they stay for 6-18 months for other techniques

2) ULTHERA OR H.I.F.U– uses high frequency ultrasound , rest everything is almost same as thremage, it uses focused ultrasound so technically it is better than the above Radiofrequency device, but practically they are similar.

3)FRACTIONAL MICRONEEDLING OR FRACTIONAL RADIOFREQUENCY: —It needs MULTIPLE SESSIONS, works as well as others,is much cheaper but there will definitely be redness and puffiness and may be some fine dry crusting/scabbing post treatment on the treated area. longevity of results is similar.

Use of home use Derma Rollers is more effective in skin texture than in skin firming.

4)NON-ABLATIVE FRACTIONAL LASERS:- at our centers and associate centres we have plaomar starlux 1540 and resurf-x laser systems for treatments amongst others like ablative co2 fractional lasers like acupulse co2 laser by lumenis. all these also work on skin firming and face lift especially around eye area. they need multiple sessions and are extremely safe and effective in the long run, but need patience.

The satisfaction rates for these lasers are the best amongst our patients since 2008. Many other procedures like P.R.P AND meso and stem cell injections have not been very well documented for the same.


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