In the era of processed foods and packaged foods, the biggest casualty has been the human digestive system.

A state has come when the system has become a mess. This has resulted in a high tide of subclinical stomach problems and symptoms which many a times we take for granted that a few symptoms and troubles will be there and are a normal part of the daily grind.

To make the tidal wave worse our mind – gut connection has also gone awry, due to the daily stresses and strains and mental stress has made our gut motility also altered.

The alteration in motility, preserved foods etc. all have compromised on the way food is absorbed and processed internally.

This has resulted in the now established concept of Leaky gut syndrome.

The leaky gut is what the whole ayurvedic concept that almost every disease originates from the gut. There is more and more evidence from the integrative medicine believers point of view that the digestive system is connected to many diseases. It is indeed a very complex structure but there can be simple solutions to this complex problem.

The gut balance is of primary importance in managing many skin gut treatment problems and some autoimmune or other allergy and immunity related problems.

The balance and role of the stomach and intestine related problems is what is gaining more and more importance in many problems like Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, pimples and even urticaria and other autoimmune skin diseases and systemic problems.

At holistic and integrative medicine and skincare setups we try and use the scientific, evidence based and time tested ways of traditional medicine and or some natural foods and food supplements to bring the balance in the stomach health problems. All this can be managed without following very complicated diets and restrictions.

At Sparsh-Heal Thyself, many times customised infusions are provided for gut health balance.

It is high time to take a look inside rather than focus only on the skin outside.


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