Urticaria is a skin problem also known as hives. It is basically the outbreak of swollen skin that appears somewhat like acne or large map like irregular patches anywhere on the skin , they are raised from the surface of the skin. It can be pale red bumps or plaques on the facial skin, throat, ear or other body parts. Hives appear on skin suddenly and it can happen because of certain allergies. Most of the hives or urticaria are itchy and can also cause burning sensation or sting. The size of urticaria varies, it can be small or very big and sometimes it joins with other hives and makes a large hive also known as plaques. It can stay for a day and sometimes just for a few hours. It may be associated with swelling of the lips and eyes etc.

Let us know more about the various types of urticaria:

Acute urticaria: In this particular condition, the urticaria can last for up to six weeks. The common causes of acute urticaria include allergy to certain food items, medications, steroids, or it can happen due to infections. Sometimes it may happen because of insect bites and internal diseases.

Foods responsible for acute urticarial allergy include:

  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Fish
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggs
  • Fresh berries
  • Milk
  • It is important to note that everyone may not be allergic to everything at the same time. and during testing the doctor may guide you to reduce chances of either false alarms i.e false positives or false negative reports implying missed allergies.

Uncooked and high protein foods have more tendencies to cause acute urticaria than the cooked food.

Chronic urticaria and angioedema: The small hives are known as Angioedema. They appear small however the infection below the skin can be large. If you suffer from it, you must take best urticaria treatment in Delhi. If you have Angioedema you will experience deep swelling in the region around your eyes and lips. It can sometimes spread across genitals, hands or feet. Angioedema lasts for more than hives but stays till around a day. If you have angioedema in your respiratory tract it can be life threatening as you can choke.

Cause of Angioedema:

Allergic Urticaria and angioedema happen when you are exposed to allergens like histamine and it can also happen if the blood plasma escapes out of the blood vessels of your skin. It can also happen because of allergies due to food, exposure to sun, steroids, medicines, insects and bugs, and anything else that can cause the release of histamine in your body. Also known as chronic urticaria, angioedema can be because of thyroid illness, hepatitis, various infections, or even cancer. It is advised to get the best urticaria treatment in Delhi the moment you recognize the outbreak. Do not try any home remedies and take the medication until you are fully cured.

So broadly speaking we need to rule of any infections aggravating this sort of a problem, infection can be hidden source somewhere in the body.

Foods can be a potential source along with plant pollen , dust etc.

We also must take out a minute’s time to understand the alternative medicine and naturopathic point of view for such problems. According to this point of view they believe simply in balancing the aggravated and imbalanced immune reaction of the body from within, rather than targeting and focusing on the individual allergens.

At Sparsh Heal Thyself, we strongly believe in combining best of both the approaches according to the patient’s body constitution and various practical factors and weaving the treatment around not just the urticaria or allergy Symptoms but according to the person’s as a whole.

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