Scalp Acne Treatment And How To Treat It?

scalp acne

Acne is less common on the scalp than on the remaining areas of the body, however, the situation could be just as problematic. The reason behind acne on the scalp is the clogged pores. Scalp acne often looks like the small zits or pimples present on the skin, including the back of the head. The pimples could be sore and itchy in nature. These pimples also occur because of the dead skin present on to the scalp that further clogs itself with sebum. Dr. Aman From Sparsh skin clinic at DLF Gurgaon adds that some types of hair folliculitis infection can mimic acne on or around the scalp area and one should be very meticulous in treating that.

According to some of the best skin doctor in Delhi, factors adding to the scalp acne treatment include dead skin cells, clogging of the follicles, buildup of the products like leave-in treatments, hair gels, hairspray on to the skin, etc. In some cases, acne on the scalp is also caused when a person does not wash the hair properly or regularly. Furthermore, a specific class of germs causes acne on the scalp. These germs include the following:

  • Pityrosporum

  • Yeasts from the Malassezia family

  • Staphylococcus epidermis

  • Demodex folliculorum.

some of the best dermatologist in Delhi further suggests that diet could also be linked to the acne caused on to the scalp of a person.

Treatment of scalp acne:

In most of the cases, the best skin doctors in south delhi recommend a medicated shampoo or scalp treatment to address the problem. These shampoos tend to wash away the presence of excess oil as well as debris, thereby preventing acne from recurring. Some medicated shampoos could also be bought without any prescription. These shampoos comprise of common ingredients such as tea tree oil, salicylic acid, glycolic acid that helps to exfoliate the scalp and removing the dead skin cells, ketoconazole which is an antifungal agents that tends to improve the redness on the scalp, ciclopirox which is another antifungal used to treat dandruff as well skin infections on to the scalp, and benzoyl peroxide that helps to eliminate the presence of bacteria that causes acne on to the scalp of a person.

If the acne scalp is persistent in nature and the same is associated with the symptoms like inflammation and hair loss, the best skin doctor in Delhi suggests the following treatment options:

  • Topical antibiotic ointments as well as steroid creams (only in very select conditions)

  • Oral antibiotics

  • Steroid Injections

  • Light therapy or photo therapy

  • Particular medications exclusively designed for severe acne.

Acne scalp should be addressed immediately and one must consult a dermatologist near to get the right treatment for the problem so caused on the scalp.

There is a variant of folliculitis for back of scalp causing severe scarring sometimes and hair loss , called acne keloidalis nuchae. Dr Samriddhi minhas at sparsh skin clinic in central delhi , is quick to add that if treatment is initiated in time it saves or significantly reduces scarring as even hair transplants become difficult and more complicated if such conditions are not tackled well in time.

it is always recommended by IADVL not to abuse any antibiotics on your own, one must consult qualified dermatologists and not quacks practicing in disguise.



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