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Pigmentbio C Concentrate

15 ml


Reduces the intensity and size of existing dark spots
Prevents the appearance of new pigmentation spots
Smoothes and refines skin texture for a better light reflection
Evening out and glowing complexion (skin radiance is restored)
Hydrate for 8 hours. Non-Comedogenic – Light & Enveloping Gel-Cream Texture – Fast Absorption

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Bioderma developed LumiReveal Technology to effectively and sustainably work on the 3 biological steps that cause hyperpigmentation: Inflammation: Glabridin reduces inflammation, which leads to an overproduction of melanin; Production: Union of Andrographolide and Azelaic Acid Limit Melanin Production; Eradication: Enhances cellular renewal by eliminating epidermallation-laden cells Formulated with anin Timely formulated with niacinamide to promote brightening action and provide long-lasting hydration to the skin and improve skin barrier resistance Vitamin C+ Vitamin E to protect against visible signs of aging earlier





15 ml


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