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Organic India Heart Guard


Multi Vitamin Supplements
Capsules Form
Suitable For: Vegetarian
Pack of 1

Only for in-house patients

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WHY BUY ORGANIC INDIA HEART GUARD CAPSULES?Everyday stress, junk food, and an unhealthy lifestyle all make for a lethal combination that can render irreversible damage to your heart. Organic India Heart Guard Capsules are the right choice for a healthy heart that will take the daily stress, yet stay fit. These capsules improve the cardiac function by rejuvenating cardio-function, improving blood circulation and reducing stress. The capsules also maintain healthy lipid and cholesterol levels thus ensuring all-round protection and upkeep of the heart. These capsules boast of high level of antioxidants that benefit the entire body fight degenerative effects of free radicals in the environment.WHAT MAKES ORGANIC INDIA HEART GUARD CAPSULES SPECIAL?Arjuna is the main ingredient herb of Heart Guard capsules; it is rightly nicknamed as ‘braveheart’. This herb is sourced from the jungles of Central India, where it is sustainably grown in wild conditions, making it more potent while being toxin-free at the same time. These organic capsules are tested against the presence of any heavy metals, making them safe to be consumed over longer duration, without any side effects.HEALTH BENEFITS:Improves heart healthImproves immunity and strengthEnsures calm and steady heartReduces stress, anxiety and tensionFull of antioxidantsProtects the heart from free-radical damageOffers cellular rejuvenationReduces lipids and cholesterol





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