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Narasimham Oil 100 Ml

100 ml


Only for in-house patients

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Narasimham hair oil is a unique blend of herbs and minerals derived from the time-honoured Rasayana tradition (Concept of rejuvenation), an integral part of Ayurveda. Regular application of oil on the head is a practice endorsed by Ayurveda scriptures. The head is the most significant part of the body. It encompasses eight vital opening – the eyes, ears, nose and mouth and one significant but subtle access point to the well being of the body – the crown of the head. Application of oil on the head, while imparting noticeable and sustained health to your tresses, at a more subtle level, it works effortlessly towards the well-being of your entire body. Narasimham Oil has a unique combination of active ingredients that work at different levels. These ingredients made of herbal extracts activate and rejuvenate cells in your scalp and follicles and thereby ensure that a major proportion of hair stays in anagen (growing) phase and attains full length and natural black colour.






100 ml


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