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Kaircin Oil 10 Ml

10 ml


Kaircin Saffron Facial Oil (Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing & Skin Brightening Night Serum) is a natural product that helps to achieve a radiant and a youthful skin. With Saffron and Lotus formulated in this Ayurvedic night serum helps to prevent pimples, pigmentation scars, wrinkles and repair early signs of ageing. It helps to treat acne, blemishes, dark-spots, retain the tightness of the skin and provides glowing complexion.

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Kairali’s Kaircin Ayurvedic facial oil is a unique formulation of oils and herbs to get a spotless youthful & glowing skin. It helps to repair damaged skin, moisturizes it and slows down signs of ageing.
It is an essential night beauty treatment that rejuvenates and repairs the skin. It helps to reduce pimples, acne, blemishes, scars, pigmentation and improves the texture.
Kaircin has wonderful anti-ageing properties that tones the skin, removes wrinkles, dark circles and retains the tightness of the skin.
It is known as the best skin brightening serum from its extensive result.





10 ml


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