Ivawhite Serum 30 ml

30 ml


Composition and Properties

Care Active IvaWhite Serum TG (4-n-butyl resorcinol) is the most potent inhibitor of human tyrosinase (TYR) and melanin production, superior to kojic acid, arbutin or hydroquinone. Lightens smoothens and reduces pigmentation spots and melasma (in vivo tests). Scirpusol promotes skin depigmentation and improves its brightness as proven in vivo tests. Is three times more effective Tyrosinase inhibitor, compared to kojic acid.CinderellaCare stops the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes and prevents long-term skin pigmentation. Reduces by more than 90% the expression of kinesin, the enzyme that carries melanin pigment to the surface of the skin. Liquorice inhibits the enzymes involved in the production of melanin, at very low concentrations, thereby enhancing the tolerability of the product. Herculane Thermal Water has soothing and anti-irritant, scientifically proven properties, being very rich in minerals and oligo-elements. It is beneficial for sensitive skin and has a protective effect on the skin microbiome.

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The intensive serum depigments, smoothens and improves the brightness of the face. Stimulates the disappearance of hyperpigmentation spots and prevents their recurrence. Clinically proven efficiency in melasma. Indicated to all types of sensitive skin.


The serum has a double mechanism of action on pigmentation spots:

  • Reduces the production of melanin (the dark pigment) by inhibiting the enzymes involved in its` formation (TYR, TRP-2, TRP-1)
  • Inhibits the transfer of melanin to the upper layers of the skin.

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30 ml


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