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Isis Pharma Ruboril Expert SPF 50+ Tinted Anti - Redness Cream

40 ml


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Tinted Anti Redness Cream 40ml
Optimal protection against UVB/UVA rays

Only for in-house patients

Consult Dr. Sharma


RUBORIL expert 50+ Tinted anti-redness cream 40 ml INDICATIONS & PROPERTIES RUBORIL expert 50+ has been specially developed for sensitive and reactive skin. It combines an anti-redness* action with optimal SPF 50+ UVB/UVA protection and helps the skin fight the appearance and worsening of diffuse redness. Light coverage and a dry touch for an even, matte complexion*. * Clinically proven efficiency. Main ingredients properties yeast extract + plant extracts: anti-redness and soothing active ingredient glycerin: moisturizing agent filter mix: optimal protection against UVB/UVA rays



40 ml


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