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Isis Pharma Ruboril Expert Intense Localised Anti - Redness Concentrated Skincare

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Indications Expert intense and properties ruboril® has been specially developed for erythro-couperosic skin. Skin care concentrate for Targeted anti-redness action, effectively reduces redness and lightens visible * localized small vessels. visibly uniform *. Calms, hydrates and protects the skin from external aggressions. cream-gel texture that provides a sensation of freshness and immediate comfort. * Clinically proven efficacy of 28 days. Main ingredients properties • [ß-calm ® complex]: Association of anti-redness, active ingredients • Plant-derived biotechnological acids: anti-redness (moisturizing and relaxing, repair, repairs the action to the source of the formation of visible small vessels) and instructions for use apply ruboril® intense on cleansed skin of experts on the affected areas relaxing, in the morning and at night. For optimal effectiveness, subsequently apply the moisturizing and anti-redness Cares ruboril® Expert M or S to the entire face. 0% Phenoxyethanol • Hypoallergenic • Fragrance Free



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