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Foltene Sebum Normalizing Shampoo

200 ml


Removes excess sebum helping hair to regain shine, volume and to remain clean for a longer period
With vitamin B6 and biotin which contribute to the control of the sebum production of the scalp.
With sage extract which thanks to its skin cleansing properties, restores softness to the hair while rejuvenating and cleansing the scalp.
Hair regains its softness, shine and volume and stays clean for longer
Without SLES, Petroleum Products, Silicones and Paraffins

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Sebum Normalizing Shampoo. Especially designed to fignt hair oilness. It cleans deeply and normalizes sebum production. Sage Extract: Its dermopurifying properties provide cleansing and refresh to the scalp while restoring the softness to the hair. Vitamin B6 and Biotin: Help regulate the production of sebum of hair and scalp.



200 ml




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