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Eladi Coconut Oil

200 ml


Abhyanga or ‘massage’ is an important part of the Dinacharya (Dialy routine) prescribed by Ayurvedic literature. Scriptures suggest the use of suitable oils massaged in the direction of hair growth and around joints, to pacify aggravated doshas and maintain balance

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Eladi kerataila is coconut oil infused with the therapeutic benefits of a number of herbal, mineral and animal origin drugs that pacify and prevent an array of skin complaints arising from kapha-pitta aggravation in the skin. It works on dull, chafed and unhealthy skin prone to itching, rashes and boils; and leaves behind soft, supple and radiat skin in its wake. Experience wholistic skin health by making Eladi taila abhyanga an essential part of your skin care routine.



200 ml




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