Atoderm Huile De Douche 24h Hydration

200 ml


“Bioderma Etoderm Huile de Douch is a moisturizing bath and shower oil that is perfect for dry, very dry, irritated and atopic skin.
Bioderma Etoderm Cream
How to use: Apply Bioderma Etoderm Heuil de Douche to damp skin of face and body, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Ideal while showering or bathing.”

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Bioderma Atoderm Huile de Douch is suitable for sensitive skin of the face and body and for use from the first day of life. This creamy oil gently cleanses and intensively nourishes and moisturizes skin, thanks to a formula rich in lipids (33%). It folds the skin into a protective coating, so that skin that is not too dry does not require the use of creams. It forms and forms a protective barrier of the skin and prevents the access of allergens. Lipigenium and Sucroester Exclusive Patent to Skin Barrier Therapy Promotes filaggrin synthesis and cornocetry cohesion and limits S. aureus proliferation, while xanthine has anti-itching action to help reduce the urge to scratch. Features Bioderma Etoderm Heuil de Duff has the following characteristics: Adjusts to the saprophytic flora of the skin Contains a gentle scented formula Hypoallergenic It is well tolerated by the skin and eyes. It does not clog pores and contains no soaps, parabens, preservatives and artificial colours. HOW TO USE Apply Bioderma Atoderm Huile de Douches to damp skin on face and body, then wash off and pat dry. Ideal while taking a shower or bath.



200 ml




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