Options For Xanthelasma Treatment in Delhi

xanthelasma treatment

If you have the yellow patches around your eyes or in the corners of the eyelids, you might be suffering from the condition called Xanthelasma Palpebrarum. It is considered to be the yellowish, soft, fatty deposit that takes place under your skin. It is not a harmful disease but in some of the cases, it can be an indicator of getting heart disease. This is why it is better to get it checked by the doctor and opt for Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi.

Risk Factors associated with it

Any person can get Xanthelasma, but you are more prone to risk if:

  • Your age is 30-50.
  • You are a lady.
  • You smoke a lot.
  • You are obese.
  • You are suffering from diabetes.
  • You are of Mediterranean or Asian descent.
  • Your lipid levels are higher.

How can it be diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed easily by examining the  skin around your eyes. The doctor might order some of the lipid profiles to check if the lipid levels are the cause of the symptoms. To do the lipid level test, the physician will perform a blood draw and then send it to the lab for further process. If it’s diagnosed, you might have to go for Xanthelasma treatment i.. Normally, you’ll get the results in a week.

How can it be treated?

Most of the time, the disease is not at all harmful but still, it is essential to get it removed. Some of the options of Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi include:

  • Laser surgery: The laser technique, fractional CO2 is known to be an effective process.
  • Cryotherapy: This includes the freezing procedure with the help of liquid nitrogen or any other chemical.
  • Chemical peels: The study had shown about 95 percent of patients who took Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi with trichloroacetic acid experienced the best results.
  • Traditional surgery: The knife will be used to remove the Xanthelasma.

Cholesterol Management

Lowering cholesterol might also help to treat Xanthelasma. For most of the people, changes in lifestyle choices and diet might be enough to manage the cholesterol level. To make it low:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking
  • Exercise for at least half an hour in a day

It is usually harmless but it can also be the sign of an underlying issue. It can also be the sign of heart disease which might be detected once you consult for Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi.


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