With its heavy blanket of toxic smog resulting zero visibility, pollution in Delhi NCR has posed a serious health hazard on the people of the region. Apparently, the most tangible impact is occurred on their skin and hair. To protect your skin and hair from such toxic threat, you need to adopt special care and protection of them so that they do not have any permanent damage and harm and overcome the situation until the normal air condition is revived.

You even may need to visit a proficient dermatologist in order to get right advice regarding the proper care of your skin and hair in such condition. That is why you are always advised to have good knowledge regarding the Best Skin Specialists in Delhi.

Dreadful level of pollution in Delhi NCR region

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (MET), the ozone toxic level in the region has passed much ahead of the permissible limit. The average Air Quality Index (AQI) is within the range of 200—300 which is tagged as very unhealthy. Regarding the particulate matter which is also known as PM2.5, The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated in its report that Delhi has the highest levels of the highly hazardous toxic matter. In such grave situation you need to take special care of your health in order to protect your life, as well as your skin and hair which are exposed maximum in the air.

Impact of pollution on skin and hair

With its soot, smoke and acid, the toxic air can easily drain away moisture from your skin which can result allergy and pigmentation spot on your forehead and cheek leaving it dry and rough. You may have the problem of accelerated ageing and wrinkles on your skin along with black spots. You might also have other problems of rashes, itching, irritation, sensitivity and other allergic reactions. You can have same experience regarding your scalp as well along with dandruff and massive hair fall.

The Pollution acts as an oxidative stressor on the body and the increased free radical damage will be an additional burden on the body and result will be visible on the skin. It is a common observation that some people are impacted more by pollution than others. This is due to their systems ability to fight out the pollution, their physiological reserve and their diet and nutrient absorption ability are important towards it. This can be tackled by using natural supplements.

There are some cosmetic marketing and manufacturing companies marketing products for protection against pollution , but their efficiency is of questionable nature as protection needs to be both external and internal.

You can have some home remedies

Cleansing of your skin is very important in order to protect it from the damage of air pollution. You are to treat it in accordance with your skin type. If you have dry skin, you need to use cleansing gel or cream. And if you have oily skin, you should use cleansing milk. It will be better if you use a facial scrub after the cleansing of your face. Select your cleansing product which contains ingredients like sandalwood, aloevera, neem, tulsi, eucalyptus, etc. These are very helpful in removing the toxic elements deposited on your skin. You must use a skin toner after using the face wash as it blocks your skin pores and thus help s protecting your skin against absorbing the toxic components. You can use a milk and  honey hair mask on your scalp once in a week. You can also apply hot oil massage on the scalp followed by towel dipped in hot water and squeezed out to wrap around the head. But you are always advised to visit the best dermatologists in Delhi at least once to be sure that you don’t need any further extra measure to keep your skin and hair undamaged.

There are many natural supplements which can help in fighting such effects internally and externally both.

To fight out the immune side effects of pollution, it is a good idea to go in for a clinical yogic detox which will help in a systemic overhaul of the immune system.


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