The body does not remain the same every day. It changes every single day and some changes may be  good while some  are bad. If you notice some yellow patches around your eyes, especially when you start to age, this might be related to some issues for your health.

You might not know, but these little patches are nothing but the depositions of cholesterol which are known as Xanthelasma in medical term.

How does this take place?

Most of the research and studies have shown that at times cholesterol breaks from the capillaries and gets deposited on the  skin and leads to raised patches. Usually, they appear yellow in color and take place around the eyes.

Since it is considered  an indicator of high cholesterol,it is  better to start taking a cholesterol free diet to prevent other systemic complications.However ,reducing the level of cholesterol in the diet will not remove or reduce the existing  deposits on skin.

How to remove Xanthelasma?

There are many ways by which the  deposits of cholesterol can be removed. The doctors have recommended these methods of Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi ad the safest ones. Consider going with these methods to remove the deposits of Cholesterol.

  1. Surgery

If the deposits are thicker and bigger, it will not get removed with any laser method. You’ll have to opt for the surgery of Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi. Before going  further with this process, it is essential to know that surgery might change the shape of the eyelids or leave the scar.

  • Laser

This involves removing the layers of the patch until it disappears completely. After the procedure, new skin starts to grow and the patches of cholesterol deposits do not show. You must know that this treatment might leave a temporary scar which takes time to heal.

  • Chemical Peels

This Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi comprises of using TCA (trichloroacetic acid)and helps to get rid of this disease with chemical reactions to dissolve the deposits of cholesterol. Make sure to get it done by a trained  skin doctor as you can be allergic to the chemical or react to it if not applied properly.

Bottom Line

Xanthelasma treatment in Delhi  by any modality can come up with  side effects and it is essential to consult the doctor and understand the implications  before going  for any of the same.

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