Laser hair removal is well known with individuals who need an answer for hair removal that is more permanent than some different techniques. Utilizing lasers to reduce unwanted hair, works by preventing the hair follicles from developing new hairs. Most of the individuals who undergo this process, finds that laser hair removal is protected and well-endured provided that you must visit a well known and equipped center. For example, undergoing a laser hair removal in Gurgaon is one best option. The important question to ask is what the equipment used and how is the experience of the handler, or dermatologist or skin doctor doing the treatments. Is the Laser used best suited for your skin type or not.

Does laser affect tissues and organs deeper than the skin?

Laser treatment utilizes an extraordinary light emission to evacuate undesirable hair in a procedure called photothermolysis. The light is specific to hair roots and is absorbed by dark hair only, even white hair are not affected by it, other organs other than eyes don’t contain much melanin and hence are not affected by it. It is off course common sense to protect eyes from such devices, which is a standard practice world wide. The higher the measure of melanin or the darker the hair, the more the light is retained and the more successful the hair removal. As a result, laser hair removal isn’t as successful for those with white or silver hair as there is next to no melanin to retain the light. Since hair is continually developing in various stages, different laser treatments are required in multiple sessions. Also, in spite of the fact that laser hair removal is touted as a permanent choice, it isn’t ensured, and you may require periodic maintenance treatments

There is no harm as such in undergoing a laser hair treatment since it is a process that just zaps the hair follicles from growing rather than just pulling it out anything from the skin. With a proper procedure and well renowned experts, one can of course have a very decent process. Although in case of patients with PCOD or PCOS or other hormonal imbalances like androgen excess etc, it may require few more appointments for a permanent hair removal, yet it is always worth your time and money. There are fresher laser treatment strategies raising that offer an increasingly centered light that can be more secure and utilized especially around the individuals who have darker skin.

Since there are potential dangers with laser treatment, make sure to pick a spot that is respectable and has prepped experts with experience , knowledge and training in the field of laser medicine, for example, a centre for laser hair removal in Gurgaon, owned and operated by dermatologists or skin physicians will be most suitable. In the event that you are worried about the likelihood of skin harm or in the event that you have ever had issues with scarring, tell the professionals so they can modify the settings on the laser as needs are to limit the dangers. While there are numerous spas and salons that offer cheap laser treatment with online coupons, user alert and discretion is advised when choosing such setups to go to. In the wrong hands, laser treatment can be risky and the harm exceeds the advantages of hair removal.

Can it cause cancer or something long term?

Laser hair removal is being done for more than 30 years and any important safety data would have been out by now. Other than some short term issues like a little burn or scab, which can happen even with waxing, no significant long term worries like skin cancer etc are not of any concern as of current understanding and scientific updates.

I have dark skin, is it safe for me?

Most good laser machines from manufacturers like alma, zmed, asclepion, lumenis etc. have special modes to treat pigmented and sometimes even slightly tanned skin. The use of soprano ice technology with diode and ALEXANDRITE combination is perfect and at the moment amongst the best and most comfortable choices for colored skin.


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