Dermaplaning is a recent trend of skin treatment which is being followed by a number of women with a single aim of getting the perfectly radiant skin. Dermaplaning works like magic on to your skin as it can help to “apparently” tighten loose skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and make your face look younger and radiant. 

Dermaplaning in Delhi and Gurgaon is a quick and easy procedure that makes the use of a scalpel which is grazed all over your skin at an angle. This procedure is a form of mechanical exfoliation where both the vellus hairs as well as dead skin cells are scraped away from the surface of your skin, thereby leaving it soft and radiant. 

What happens during dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning treatments will vary wherever you go, however, the crux is the same. Dermaplaning in Delhi is also performed with a combination of skin peels where the skin is cleansed with an antiseptic and a light exfoliant is applied before the process of shaving the skin with a scalpel. Skin-perfecting serums and high-factor SPF are also applied after the session is over. This step is however important and best decided by a skin doctor as the product used may vary widely for different skin types , for best results. 

What are the results after the procedure? 

There are a number of benefits of dermaplaning. This procedure helps to trigger the process of cell regeneration which eventually leads to improved, soft, and smooth skin. Dermaplaning in Delhi also helps to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation from the skin. Though it is not a treatment of choice for acne scars and fractional laser may work better, but still it can provide improvement. Apart from making your skin look radiant, dermaplaning also helps to remove all the dead skin cells. Additionally, this beauty treatment also helps to maximize the absorption of skin peels, moisturizers, and serums – and hence you can attain much better results from your series of expensive skincare products. 

What is the aftercare of dermaplaning like? 

Unlike the treatments like acid peels and micro needling, after you get dermaplaning in Delhi doesn’t involve any downtime. Hence, you can easily take care of your skin after your session is over. The only thing that you are required to take care of after the procedure is to not expose your skin into the sun. Exposure of your skin to sun may not lead to the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Is dermaplaning safe for sensitive skin? 

Doctors providing Dermaplaning is Delhi highly recommended for all the people who look forward to having a non-surgical, non-invasive, nominal skin rejuvenation treatment. If you are suffering from a major acne breakout, it is suggested to postpone your dermaplanning session. Also, if you have super sensitive skin, dermaplaning may not the right kind of treatment for you. The best way to find whether dermaplaning is safe for you or not is by consulting with your dermatologist.  A skin specialist nearby, experienced in such treatments may be a good option to talk to. Or you may get in touch with Dr. Shalini at Sparsh Skin Clinic at Khan Market, Delhi.

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