Is Dermaplaning Better Than Chemical Peel?

Cosmetic or beauty treatments are becoming popular each day. A number of people are opting for different beauty treatments in order to treat all kinds of big and small problems from their skin. Dermaplaning and chemical peels are considered to be two such common procedures which have gained worldwide popularity. Both these beauty treatments come with many advantages for the skin.

Both dermaplaning and chemical peels are considered to be non-surgical cosmetic treatments which are used to rejuvenate the look as well as the feel of your skin. Each of these beauty treatments serves a different purpose and are administered independently of each other in most of the cases. However, a number of people during their procedure of dermaplaning in Delhi also opt for chemical peel service so as to optimize the outcome of the treatment and to eventually attain a radiant and smoother skin.

Here is an insight into both these beauty treatments:


Dermaplaning is known to be a non-invasive procedure under which a blade is gently moved across the dry skin on the face. This procedure helps to remove dead skin and also evens out the patchy and rough skin. Dermaplaning in Delhi is a totally painless procedure which could be performed twice a month. Apart from removing the rough outer portion of the dermis, this procedure is also helpful in the removal of unwanted vellus hairs or peach fuzz out from the skin.

Chemical peel:

A chemical peel is an in-office procedure which involves an application of the acid solution on the surface of the skin. This solution could be of different types and the same is left on the skin for a few minutes. After this, it is removed and neutralized. Most people while opting for chemical peel experience a mild tingling which usually lasts for a few minutes. After this procedure, the skin usually flakes off for a couple of days before revealing the healthier and newer version present under the surface. Chemical peels are usually done for improving the appearance of the skin as well as skin conditions like fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and age spots.

Dermaplaning Versus Chemical Peel:

Both dermaplaning and chemical peels come with their different procedures, pros, and cons. While chemical peels alone are performed on to the skin, the dermatologists usually recommend a combination of dermaplaning along with chemical peels during the session of dermaplaning in Delhi. This is because both these procedures work synergistically together. Dermaplaning in Delhi helps to remove the outer layer of the skin, thereby making the chemical solution in a chemical peel more effective. Both these procedures are superior in their own forms. Dermaplaning could be combined with a number of peels such as mild glycolic and salicylic acid peels in order to give out better results. It is extremely important to see a skin specialist as doing a peel and derma planing at the same time may land up in some side effects, so best to take advice from a skin doctor nearby if it’s best suited for you or not.


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