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Body and back acne – back acne treatments

There are a number of reasons behind the occurrence of acne in people. Apart from the face, neck, and jawline, acne also occurs on the back of the body. Back acne treatment has become very common among the people these days following one reason or the other. According to pattern of acne treatment in Delhi, the body produces an oil known as sebum which is made up in the glands connected to the follicles of the hair. The extra buildup of the sebum products acne. Speaking to Dr Alpna Das, a Skin doctor treating acne in DLF phase 1, we got to know that , it is the blockages in the oil ducts and change in quality of sebum, which is the start of acne.

According to some skin specialists treating acne treatment in gurgaon, back acne is very similar to the acne caused on the face and the reasons of acne on the back are the same as the reasons behind a breakout on to the face. These reasons include several medications, genetics, hormonal changes in the body, excessive sweating caused because of tight clothing, and stress. Diet needless to say causes a big alteration in hormones in some cases and is much needed to be tackled for acne treatment.

Treatment for back acne:

Acne treatment in Delhi suggests a person consider the following treatments for back acne:


  • Shower after a workout:


Sweat and collection of dust on to the back of the body after a workout could be considered to be a reason behind the occurrence of acne on the back. Thus, it is advised to take a shower at the earliest after a regressive workout session. It is also suggested to wash the sweaty workout clothes in between sweat sessions.


  • Exfoliate the skin:


It is recommended to make the use of a gentle exfoliating lotion and not harsh mechanical or physical SCRUBS, they may not be a great idea, some skin clinics near you may be recommending washes with the ingredients such as salicylic that helps to remove the formation of extra dirt and oil on the back. Proper and regular exfoliation also helps to reduce the amount of dead skin which clogs the pores. Exfoliation and agents for exfoliation should be used with caution as they can cause sensitivity of the skin and carry an irritant potential also.


  • Wear loose-fitting clothing:


One cannot treat, however, prevent acne by wearing the clothing which is not very fit or body-hugging in nature. According to the guidelines my most skin specialists for acne treatment in Delhi, tight clothes is one of the reasons for acne on to the back of a person. Thus, it is always suggested to wear loose-fitting clothes so that the skin could breathe. Clothing made from cotton and natural fabrics is also very important, synthetic fabrics are best avoided.


  • Tea tree oil:


Tea tree oil is made up of the tea tree leaves and the same is considered to be a very effective remedy in treating back acne. Tea tree oil is a major ingredient in a variety of skin products such as cleansers, creams, body lotions, etc. The use of tea tree oil stops the formation of sebum, thereby preventing a lot of acne from building up on to the back of a person.

If these easygoing treatment options do not serve any help, or even if the do help it is always advised to seek acne treatment in Delhi by the best dermatologists. There are some quick solutions for faster removal of back acne like a combination of Salicylic and mandelic acid peeling or multi fruit acid or sequential peels. Such chemical peeling treatment also serves to enhance speed of treatment and cuts down on time to recover from acne scars and marks of acne.


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