Acne Scars

The acne scars can really be debilitating and upsetting. Most of the times when we see acne scars on our face, we prefer to use varieties of scrubs and along with multiple homemade remedies to overcome it. And when we fail to do anything, we just simply use a high volume of concealer to hide it.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the acne treatments that can help you to get rid of your existing acne scars completely. What you need to do is to just select the right treatment for your skin problem. You can opt for the acne scars treatment in Delhi to get quick results.

According to Doctors at Sparsh heal Thyself , and Dr Aman Sharma, it is most important that one should not let their confidence and life be affected by acne scars, but if we are extremely concerned and we begin to let the acne scars affect or confidence and our life then the patient may not even be able to make the right choices about the treatment and acne scars will begin to have a psychological impact too.

Let’s check out some common skin treatment within budget for acne scars and fine lines.

Laser skin resurfacing

With the laser skin resurfacing treatment, you can stimulate the natural collagen production of your skin, neck, face, hands and chest. This sturdy rejuvenation will continue over several months and may even last years to come. Laser resurfacing along with aesthetic facial surgery can help you to get the best results.

Some of the exclusive benefits of undergoing the laser skin treatment are as follow:

  • Stimulates the skin collagen for a youthful and firmer skin
  • Minimal downtime, the down time is almost zero with new technologies like alma rejuve
  • Helps in removing the marks and spots left by acne
  • Minimizes fine lines and skin damages
  • Improve the skin tone and skin structure
  • Helps in treating pre-cancerous skin lesions, In Some specific skin conditions.

Anti-Acne Peel

Anti-acne peel, also known as Alpha hydroxy acid and Betahydroxy acid are a perfect solution to be applied on the skin, neck, face and hands. It helps in exfoliating the skin and finally leads to peeling off. With the anti-acne peel, you can expect to overcome the acne problem as well as remove the scars and marks left on the skin. This peel should be used only under the supervision of an expert doctor. It is suggested to visit a dermatologist for anti-acne peel treatment. If you are looking for immediate cure, then it is essential that you look out for clinical services. For the best acne treatment in Delhi, take an appointment with a doctor at Sparsh Skin Clinic. We always take care never to overdo the peels as if the peels are done judiciously they help in making the skin barrier stronger, but if overdone or done to frequently than needed they can cause skin sensitivity.

Photo rejuvenation

The photo rejuvenation or intense pulsed light acne treatment helps in improving the skin appearance and reducing the acne scars. At the same time, it can also help in treating the pigmentation and redness of your skin. This unique technology makes use of the light flashes on the area to be treated for triggering the biochemical response, which will kill the bacteria eventually present inside the pores. This is a non-invasive solution on acne and does not have any collateral effects. many centres were doing this treatment in the past and some commercial centres even recommend it now, but there is not much scientific proof of this modality , especially when fractional lasers are available. IPL or Photorejuvenation is barely used for the sole purpose of treating acne scars.

Fillers for acne scars

Not all types of acne scars are best treated with fillers, though filler technology has really advanced, fillers can be expensive and also, of limited use in very specific types of acne scar conditions.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

This has been used lately very widely, predominantly due the safety of the treatment, there are conflicting reports on use of this technique for acne scars, but as a adjuvant in the complete plan, it can be very useful for some. An IMPORTANT WORD of CAUTION is that while choosing a centre for P.R.P , one must make sure about the sterility, of the whole process and also the vials approved for P.R.P must be used , and not just the sample collection vials. The Anticoagulant used also has to be sterile. For the Procedure of P.R.P, we must prefer sample collection on same day and at the same centre, if the samples are sent elsewhere for making P.R.P it may not be a good idea.

Dermarollers and other methods

Dermarollers and some other modalities like microdermabrasion also work , but Microdermabrasion is slow to work and limited due to the fact that aggressive abrasion may carry risks.

Dermarollers at Sparsh Healthyself are combined with specific home use serums or home care regimen for acne scars which makes the treatment a bit more efficient and safe.

If you are upset with your scars and blemishes, immediately get in touch with Sparsh Skin Clinic experts. They are experienced and know how to solve the issue using clinical treatment methods. When the skin problems become acute, it is not possible to treat those using natural remedies and regular methods. Clinical treatment is the best solution for them.



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