Rid of moles

Moles are considered as the abnormal collection of pigmented cells, the ones which give color to the skin. They might be there since birth or might take place at any age. The shape, color, and size might differ. Some moles consist of the hairs too.

Why do they take place?

Moles can occur genetically and they might appear and get darker in sunlight. Some of them change because of hormone levels as might occur at the time of adolescence, pregnancy as well as older age. During teenage years, they normally grow a lot in numbers.At the time of pregnancy, they get darker They may tend to fade as people start to age. With this, mole removal surgery in Delhi isn’t needed.

Can moles be cancerous?

Most of the moles are not harmful. Rarely, they can lead to  skin cancers like melanoma. But in Indians, the occurrence of cancer is very less. If there’s a significant change in color, size, pain or any type of unusual change, then it is essential to go for a biopsy that will let you know if there are worrisome changes.

Is there any medicine to stop the progress of mole on the skin?

As  moles are there since birth or because of genetic predisposition, medicines will not prevent appearance of new ones. Protection from the sun can give some advantage.

What will happen if the mole removal isn’t done?

Among Indians, individuals go with mole removal surgery in Delhi  usually for cosmetic purpose. Moles tend to increase in size , so timely removal may prevent lengthy orocedures and result in no or  smaller scars.

What are the procedures to remove a mole?

  1. Deep shave removal

This gives deep scar so it is recommended to use this technique on covered areas and not on the face.

  • CO2 laser

This technique is better but some times with heat, some cells might disperse in the skin and lead to larger moles.

  • Surgical removal

This method of mole removal surgery in Delhi is the best one to get rid of moles. There are different techniques for the same.They  might give a small scar which will fade away with time.

Is surgical removal method painful?

The surgical mole removal surgery in Delhi is done after giving local anesthesia. It can be done after applying a numbing cream so that it is painless.


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