How to Effectively Take Care of Your Skin At Home

When it comes to skincare, most of the people reiterate the lack of glow in it. Further, the skin could have pimples, blemishes, or several other skin related problems. All of these occur due to a variety of factors, the major contributors being UV rays, environmental pollution, consuming foods that cause allergies, bad diet or inactivity.

In this article, Dr. Aman Sharma has provided some simple methods to help people get their glow back, and take care of their skin by putting in a little effort every day.

For Dry and Itchy skin

Don’t just rely on moisturisers, preferably use cold processed coconut oil full body before bath and also if it is not very humid weather can use it at bed time also.

In case of extreme dryness use moisturiser along with some coconut oil mixed in it.


Some key points to choose a moisturiser should be that it should not contain potent preservatives like PARABENS and also should have some calming ingredients like myristic acid and some calming extracts like oatmeal, etc. We personally avoid paraffin based moisturisers instead use natural emollients and natural occlusives.

You can add 0.5% i.e 0.5 gm of menthol or peppermint oil in 100 gm of coconut oil and use as an anti itch lotion for mosquito bites and dry itchy skin conditions , but never on raw skin.

Also cool compresses Not Ice, or cold water rinsing helps in relieving itch, but duration of soaking should not be more than 3-5 minutes or else the skin begins to dehydrate, following the cool soaks , one must moisturise and apply coconut oil and let it work for best results in relieving itch scratch.

Use Papaya:

a lot of sites and people recommend Applying papaya on the face is recommended for both males and females. The fruit works wonders by removing oil and dead skin, and is best suited for a person with a thicker skin, But in my personal opinion there are many other better ways too for the same, and having control over the fruit ph, and other factors is next to impossible. so let us keep it simple and eat papaya -not apply it.

Apply Avocados Paste:

Applying an avocado paste for 15-20 minutes once or twice a week proves to be helpful. It helps in eliminating dryness that is one of the causes of wrinkles. You can also use oats powder to exfoliate skin. be cautious for gentle exfoliation and avoid too much scrubbing and buffing.

Raw Milk:

Using good quality raw milk on the skin helps in repairing the skin due to the presence of a certain kind of protein. Though this is true but comes with side effects too. after the milk soaks one must wash and clean properly and consult a physician if there is any adverse events developing.

Curd and Lemon:

this too has to be used with caution and is definitely not for dry skin type, Combining both curd and lemon also proves to be useful in reviving skin glow, but can also irritate the skin and cause imbalance, again the ph of the fruit and sourness level of the curd will have different effects on different skin type so , use may be but watch out too.

Other Key Takeaways

Besides the above-mentioned constituents, Dr. Aman also shares tips and tricks that a person can follow in order to take good care of his/her skin:

  • Focus on natural products rather than artificial ones.
  • Make sure you brisk walk 3 times a week so that you sweat out. This helps to remove toxic from your body.
  • Remove makeup before you sleep, to take care of your skin.

You can look good when you feel good, and that can only happen when you take a proper diet, exercise and take good care of your skin. It is highly recommended to consult a skin specialist to know your skin type to determine what type of skin you have and what products you should use.


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