Hormonal Acne Treatment Or Pimples Treatment

Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne treatment are stubborn breakouts on skin that do not fade away quickly. Most of the conventional medications don’t work on them. Such breakouts can come even post teen years and can linger on for quite a long time. The situation becomes very frustrating and painful for individuals. So what are these stubborn breakouts and what is the reason behind them?

These stubborn breakouts and pimples that are generally concentrated around the chin, cheeks, and jawline of a person, are mostly directly related to the hormones of a person.

Here is how a person can identify hormonal acne and pimples from other kinds of breakouts.

  • A person is no longer in his teen years:

Hormonal acne directly affects the skin of a person in the age of twenty-something. This is because this is the time when both men and women are hormonally active. All the hormonal activities then make the skin of a person prone to acne. However, age alone doesn’t determine the fact that a person is suffering from hormonal acne, genetics can tell the same as well. Lifestyle also has it’s important role. Diet and high glycemic foods play an important role.

  • Too much acne around chin and jawline:

According to dermatologists carrying out acne treatment in Delhi, the second thing that differentiates hormonal acne from other kinds of acne is the area where the acne or pimples occur. If a person is noticing various inflamed zits and cysts around his lower face, especially his chin as well as jawline, he needs to visit his dermatologist as this is not regular but hormonal acne. This is because the presence of excess hormones in the body stimulates the oil glands, many of which are situated around the chin area.

  • The acne recurs once a month:

According to Doctors at Sparsh heal thyself skin clinic , hormonal acne appears on to the skin in a cyclical pattern, just like the menstrual cycle of a woman. Most of the times hormonal breakouts generally pop up in the same location of the skin each month as well. This is nothing but the result of a specific pore that gets enlarged in size because of the pimple caused previously or the development of a sebaceous cyst over the same site. It varies from person to person and pore to pore respectively.

  • A person is seriously stressed:

Cortisol, a stress hormone affects all the other hormones in the body. Thus, women who are vulnerable to monthly hormonal fluctuations that are quite steep and experience periods of stress for themselves usually suffer from a lot of hormonal acne. There is mounting evidence that emotional and social health play an important role in sun skin problems. Holistic and yoga based treatments for acne and hormones help many in such cases.

  • Cysts that are painful:

The breakouts on the skin surface which is not because of blackheads or whiteheads but cysts which are very painful in nature are considered to be the acne caused because of hormonal imbalance. These bumps so caused are tender to touch as they have accumulated oil over a certain period of time which also cause an inflammatory reaction.

Seek help from a dermatologist if the acne so caused is a hormonal breakout.


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