Healthy Skin: How to Choose the Right Sunscreen


Applying a sunscreen is good for skin as it saves from the harsh UV rays. Most of us end up buying the fancy sunscreen lotion without knowing its ingredients. We buy what we see on the shelves of the supermarket. However, we must know the type of sunscreen that suits our skin type. Since there are a lot of brands available in the market, sometimes it is hard to select the one. So, here we have some tips for you. For a Healthy skin you must be aware of the qualities and benefits of the sunscreen you apply.


So, let us start with the tips to buy the right sunscreen:

  • You must know your skin type before you select the sun protection. A sunscreen with mat finish is good for Healthy skin. Consider the SPF which is Sun Protection Formula. It helps in protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays.
  • What Makes a sunscreen Mat finish is usually some silicone based ingredients, but it is important to note here Some dermatologists do not recommend use of silicone based sunscreens, as ultimately they tend to be occlusive for the skin.
  • To be sure of your skin protection in sunlight choose the sunscreen that is made for your skin type.
  • Sunscreen lotion not only saves from UV rays but also protects you from getting skin tan. If the SPF is right, your skin will be saved from getting tanned. So select according to the SPF and the place where you will be applying the sun protection lotion. The Tanning may not be protected or stopped completely but reduce the chances of sunburn are reduced.
  • Before buying the sun protection lotion, you must analyze your skin type. For oily skin gels and sprays are the best because you don’t get the greasy look and your skin stays fresh. If your skin is oily use sunscreens based on gel or the Gel-cream that is emulsion based concept than gel alone. Having a Healthy skin is what we all wish, but if we use the wrong sun protection we may spoil the natural skin type. It can result in acne, sunburns and tanning. For dry skin, sunscreen in cream base is the best option. It keeps the skin hydrated and has good effect when you move out in sunny and hot days. there are some sunscreens containing phospholipids, which help repair the dry damaged skin.
  • Since we all know that U.V rays are harmful and no matter how Healthy skin you have, you can get pigmentation. It can also result in tanning, skin rash, skin cancer and photoaging. So look the packaging carefully and select the SPF, UVA and PA symbols printed on the package. anything around PA++ or above is suitable.
  • Some sunscreens also offer lightening ingredients along with the sunscreen, there are few phytoceutical ingredients and vitamin C which are rational in combination with sunscreens, but technically such combinations may not be that rational, as sunscreens are not designed to penetrate the skin whereas the lightening ingredients should penetrate the skin for them to be effective.
  • Your sun protection lotion or cream must have minimum SPF of 30 and P++ for UVA. Using the right type of sunscreen lotion or cream helps in fighting the harmful effects of sunrays.
  • The sun protection does not increase logarithmically and proportionately with , increasing SPF, which means that there will not be more than 2-4% difference in protection offered by SPF 30 and SPF 50 sunscreens, I.e SPF 30 may offer say 92% protection, but SPF 50 will offer only 94% protection.
  • Factor in your choice A sunscreen which also protects from IR, i.e Infra red rays, and not just UV light, as IR is the wavelength of Sun Rays which penetrates the deepest.
  • Besides These there are many more factors which your dermatologist factors in before choosing a sunscreen.

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