Dark Lips Naturally

Naturally looking pink lips are an extremely desirable proposition for most women . If your lips have dark pigmentation, you may look different and it may subconsciously indicate that we are not in the “pink of health”. Some people are born with dark lips naturally and some get it with many different factors like tea coffee intake, smoking, exposure to sun and lack of interest in skin care. Dark lips can be because of several reasons but if you visit best skin specialist in Delhi, you can get rid of this unwanted feature. You can get the confidence of smiling in public and look charming.

There are some natural treatments that can help you reduce the pigmentation and get the pink lips. Below mentioned are few things that you can try, if these tips don’t work, visit best skin specialist in Delhi.

  • You can use coconut oil to reduce the pigmentation. Coconut oil is full of essential fatty acids and that is healthy for lips as it keeps them hydrated. It also helps in replenish the pink color of lips by reducing the pigmentation. You can use coconut oil like a lip balm all day and before sleeping apply it on your lips. It is even better to use cold processed coconut oil made from coconut milk as it may have a higher content of the needed essential oils.
  • Another remedy is applying almond oil on your lips. You can use a few drops of oil and gently massage on your lips. It helps in rejuvenating the lips and makes them smooth and soft. It also reduces the pigmentation and your lips look pink and soft. almond oil may not be best suited for all people, so watch out and especially if the oil gets rancid, which almond oil can easily get.
  • Lemon honey lip serum is another commonly way of making your lips lighter and softer. many site advice You to use a few drops of lime juice with honey and apply it on lips for an hour. After that you can clean it with cotton. This treatment sounds easy and useful to make your lips look beautiful and pink, but be very careful in attempting something like this as it can cause some serious irritation and also can induce a breakout of herpes of the lips if you are prone to it already. Dr Aman strongly advises AGAINST such practice
  • Overnight application of glycerin is quite helpful and effective. You can apply glycerin on your lips before going to your bed. It softens the lips and removes the pigmentation. It also gives moisture to lips and you look beautiful with a bright and beautiful smile. You should not go out in sun when you apply glycerin on your lips. The word of caution here will be not to use glycerin alone, apply a small amount and then seal it on top with a bit of coconut oil for best results.
  • Remember the cause of dark lips are mostly internal only, and a good detox of the gut and diet to calm down the irritability and inflammation in the gut tissues will always help. increase intake of Fresh AMLA, Indian gooseberry juice of approx 2 Amla’s per day empty stomach for 30 days mixed with warm water and drink up the first thing in the morning.
  • A little neeti-nasyam and prakshalan always help.

There are many men and women who have used the expensive products to make their lips pink, but nothing works. If you really want to see the results, you should get the treatment done from best skin specialist in Delhi.


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